Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These 8 Words

Normally, eye care professionals use a color blindness test such as The Ishihara Color Test or the Cambridge Color Test to determine if someone has color vision deficiency. Many people with color vision deficiency don’t even know they have it! Sometimes, a situation will arise where they might realize their understanding and experience of color is different to those around them before they get tested.
Here’s a quick color blindness test that only people with perfect color vision would be able to ace without hesitation! Share your results with your friends and compare what you see… and what you can’t!
1. Can you see the hidden word in this image?

If you see the word TREE, then you're right!

2. What about this one? Something we all love to do..

If you see the word EAT, then you're right!

3. If you see the word BOOT, then you got it right!
4. The fourth image is a little longer than the previous ones and it's SWEET!
5. If your eyesight is great, you should see the word PARK.
6. This one is a little harder, if you see the word LOVE your eyesight is perfect.
7. The hidden word in this image is HAT!
8. And last but not least, the word hidden in this image is BEAD. Were you able to see them all?
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