The Fourth Dimension Incredibly Explained By A High School Student

A student from Chicago, with an amazing and spectacular grasp on mathematical dimensions, has wowed YouTube and the world with his explanation on dimension. With a nice figure of 55,000 followers on YouTube, he has made a mark on the online community with a video on explaining dimension that has hit 6 million views.

xkcdHatGuy has created videos about a spectrum of topics, such as social issues to cosmology. However, this new video he made about dimensions first starts off his compelling video with a powerful voice and connectors. Starting his explanation by drawing a line, he explains that if a straight line were to even curve a single fraction, it would go back to the beginning at some point in time.

He then moves on to explaining two dimensions, using a square. Using height and width, this will add infinite one dimensions to it. He explained that this causes 1D to only be seen by 2D objects, as 2D objects are essentially made up of 1D.

What about 3D? It is the evolved version of 2D, all around at every angle. Beings like us, who live in the 3D world, can see objects in the lower tiers - such as 1D and 2D.

This will lead us to the next question: how about the last dimension known, 4D? The 4D dimension is best represented by a tesseract. 4D beings would be able to see in 3D, even seeing through walls and buildings! This goes to show how deep and wild our imagination can be, and one such prime example is that today's video games that are increasingly becoming more advanced such as virtual reality are trying to make 4D rides and such, with much success.

The teenage YOUTUBER then went on to clarify why it is impossible for time to be a dimension. If time was a dimension, it would have to be encompassed of all dimensions - from 1D to 4D. Since time does not have the aspect of this, it is literally impossible for time to be a part of the dimension, but it is rather a unit of measurement on its own.