Curious Baby Elephant Tries On Caretaker’s Sandals In Adorable Video

We all could use an extra dose of cuteness in our day, and this healthy serving of cute comes from the Elephant Nature Park run by the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand.

The Save Elephant Foundation is dedicated to protecting and caring for Asian elephants, and the adorable baby pachyderm featured in the above video sure makes all their diligent efforts worthwhile.

We all know elephants are highly intelligent and social creatures with strong interpersonal bonds and complex communication skills, but this little cutie shows us this in the sweetest way possible. Like many baby animals, she is curious about everything, including her caretaker’s sandals. The caretaker caves to her cuteness and lets her have his sandal, much to her delight as she tosses it around and tries to wear it on her trunk and feet. Way too cute!

We are so grateful to have conservation organizations like Save Elephant Foundation doing their best to save our planet’s pachyderms. To learn more about elephants and elephant conservation, visit the Save Elephant Foundation website here.

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