14 Simple Design Solutions That Turned Out to Be Ingenious

Sometimes small solutions to everyday issues can improve our lives greatly and also widen the functionality of common things.

A cup with a hole to hold a tea bag

A socket extender — no more endless wires around your home!

A washbasin right on the toilet, thanks to which the water used for washing hands will be used again.

This mini remote control in a restaurant will help you to call a waiter, ask for the bill, or clear the table.

A tip machine in case you don’t have any cash

Containers with separate sections for sauce

This fitting room has unique hooks to avoid clothing confusion.

This cart calculator knows your final total. No more surprises at checkout!

This baby carriage and scooter keeps the baby in comfort and the mom entertained...or vice versa.

An "extension" tap for the little ones

This chewing gum comes with paper that can be used for wrapping the used gum.

The call button for this elevator is located at the start of the hallway so that the doors are open by the time you reach it.

Both humans and dogs can use this drinking fountain in the park.

These nozzles for shoe heels can "befriend" your shoes with grass and soil.