You Will Be Smiling Like An Idiot After Seeing These 10+ Wholesome Pictures

Not everything is terrible. Sometimes we let ourselves forget how beautiful the world is. It doesn’t mean that the issues we face every day are not important. Sometimes we just need… a little break. A reminder of what it all could be more like. What we could be more like.

The pictures on this list will surely put a smile on your face, maybe make you cry a little. But happy tears only. Most importantly, we hope that they will inspire you to see more good in the world, and do more good.

#1 This Is Anthony Borges, 15. He Used His Body To Hold A Classroom Door Shut During The Florida Shooting, Protecting 20 Other Students Inside As The Gunman Fired Through The Door, Hitting Him Five Times. May He Have A Speedy Recovery
#2 Every Day This Man Drives Hours In Drought To Provide Water To Thirsty Wild Animals In Kenya
#3 Brian The Retired Dublin Gentleman Spent His Evening Making 50 Tubs Of Curry For The Homeless, Every Single Night. Living On A Pension And Paying For This Himself
#4 Firefighters In Arizona Putting Out A Mexican Fire
#5 A Stranger Helping Out Another Stranger Struggling With His Tie
#6 Comedian Josh Johnson
#7 When You Reach 100 Years Old In Barbados, You Get A Stamp In Your Honour. Lovely
#8 A Middle School Started A “Breakfast With Dads” Program But Many Dads Couldn’t Make It And Several Students Didn't Have Father Figures. The School Posted A Facebook Request For 50 Volunteer Fathers... 600 Fathers From All Backgrounds Showed Up
#9 Every Morning My Father Places Bird Food In The Yard For My Mother To Wake Up On This View
#10 A Nurse Bends Down And Gets Ready To Hug Her Former Patient, Who Was Paralyzed From The Waist Down
#11 This Old Lady Goes To The Supermarket To Read Books All The Time So The Manager Put A Little Bench For Her
#12 Garbagemen Taking A Break
#13 The Moment She Gets The News That Her Adoption Went Through
#14 I Saw This Beautiful Man Holding A Phone With Both Hands Looking At The Screen, Smiling. I Was Drawn By His Joy & Asked For A Photo. He Agreed, Telling Me He Was Talking To His Wife Back Home. I Asked If It Was A Video Call. He Said “No, But I See Her Name On The Screen
#15 People Holding Onto Man Trying To Commit Suicide