Terrifying Footage Shows Huge 7ft Wolf Chasing A Dog In The Woods

A dog in Canada had to have quick reflexes when a terrifyingly huge wolf chased it through the woods.

A video of the incident was taken near a fishing lodge in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

The camera focuses on a dark shape in the undergrowth while a white dog barks ferociously at the creature which was lying in wait.

Suddenly, the huge black wolf leaps from the floor and runs towards the dog, whose barking turns much more intense as it becomes the wolf’s target.

A real life embodiment of the Big Bad Wolf, the creature appears to be about seven foot long. It springs towards the barking dog before turning back into the woods.

The brave white dog wasn’t too deterred by the wolf’s initial pounce, and ran after it into the trees. However, the wolf seemed to turn back on its competition, and the camera loses focus as the dog’s barks begin to sound pained.

The man behind the camera started to shout at the two animals, yelling out ‘hey!’, presumably in an attempt to stop them from fighting?

The dog could be heard yelping, but then the camera cuts off. Unfortunately, it’s not known what happened to the smaller dog after the video ended.

Watch the scary footage here:

The dog’s owner, who’d filmed the scary footage, shared the video on social media.

He explained:

I work as a fishing guide in northern Saskatchewan and I shot this video on one of our trails around the lodge.

People have been expressing their fear at the video, with some suggesting the black creature is a timber wolf – which have been known to grow to huge lengths.

One person explained:

It’s a timber wolf we have them here in Canada but they are rarely seen. This guy is pretty stupid allowing the dog to get that close.