Doctors Forced To Do Emergency Caesarean Section – Dad Sees Baby’s Face And Room Falls Silent

Pregnancy can be a very tough time for the woman.

In addition to managing the physical aspects of wearing a baby in the stomach, there is also the constant concern that something should go wrong with the child.

But thankfully, it goes well in most cases. The one that worries and fears is exchanged for relief in the same second that you are allowed to keep your newborn, healthy child.

However, Jennie Wilklow never had to experience that opportunity of relief – on the contrary.

Jennie went through a relatively normal pregnancy. She and her husband were happy to wait for children and on all the controls they got the same answers: The child looked to feel fine.

But the cloud of worries began to accumulate when Jennie was forced to enter and make an emergency caesarean section, in week 34. Although the operation and childbirth were successful, it would soon turn out that something was wrong with Jennie’s daughter.

“When they took her out I heard her scream and they said: She is so beautiful.” These are the words every mother wants to hear, so I smiled and relaxed “, Jennie.

But seconds later, the mood was different in the room. The baby’s face was transformed.

Several nurses and doctors easily panicked when they saw what was happening to the newly redeemed daughter.

“They did everything to help her, but her skin became rock hard in seconds. After the skin solidified, it began to crack. It caused open wounds throughout her body. Behind the hills I saw their panicked faces and I asked if everything was OK.

After the doctor assured Jennie that they had things under control, she received sedative medicine that made her fall asleep.

When she awoke a few hours later, Jennie was informed by a doctor. It turned out that her newborn daughter Anna suffered from a condition called Harlequin ichthyosis.

She looked at her husband when she realized the seriousness that had happened.

“My husband’s silence scared me; he was only shocked when the doctor left. He just kept saying, “This is bad.”

The disease Harlequin ichthyosis is a gene defect that causes the skin to grow about 14 times faster than normal. It creates a redness all over the body, which also affects the eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

Children born with Harlequin ichthyosis usually die a few days after birth.

However, those who survive can expect a normal life span. But, unfortunately, they are also prone to suffer from complications and delays in development, especially when it comes to motor skills.

“I spent the next two days looking for information about her condition. I realized the poor quality of life that awaited her. I allowed myself to admit this thought, since it was only at that moment, at the most confused and lonely period of my life. There and then I thought it might be better if she died, ”Jennie says.

But it turned out to be a tough little girl Jennie gave birth to the world.

With the help of doctors and her family, Anna survived.

The parents eventually brought her home and they did their best to take care of Anna.

Jennie tells about the fight in the first few days:

“Every two hours I covered her with petroleum jelly and bathed her for several hours of the day. For many years I had dreamed of what my beloved daughter would wear, and even though it seemed so trivial, it was what I fought most for. ”

Despite the difficulties, Anna gave her mother a whole new perspective on life:

“I began to realize that if I put restrictions on what she could achieve, she will stay in development. That’s why I decided to put the bar high. I decided that the goal was that she could do what she wanted and the goals were the same for myself. ”

Since then, Jennie has created one Instagram-konto who documents her and her daughter’s roller coaster to life’s journey.

“I now understand that I got her because of the love I already carry in my heart for my daughter. Anna was meant for me, and I for her, and together we will show the world how beautiful it can be ”.


  1. I wish a great life to your brave girl and you as well...
    All nature's strength be with you...Best wishes....
    Stay blessed... Take care...

  2. Blessings to you and your gift from God. Praying for her long healthy life.

  3. Jennie, your honesty indisclosing your immediate thoughts after being told of what might lay ahead is truly inspiring.

  4. Hey. Try taking help from Jesus. He heals. Have seen many many cases and miracles with my own eyes. Once during prayers... somebody's enlarged skin part on between half n one inch disappeared without even a scar. I saw it before n after with my own eyes. I was there when it happened. It happened in 2016. And I am following Jesus from.rhen on with a very strong faith n Never regretted it. He is a miracle working living God. Your and your daughter test will turn into testimony. In Jesus name.

  5. Congratulations to you for your beautiful spirit. That baby is loved and valued that is a tribute to you and your husband. Now, with all the authority of the Word of God behind me, I speak to the disease called Harlequin ichthyosis and I command you to leave the body of Anna right now in the name of Jesus. I also command Anna's body to be completely and utterly healed.


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