15 Freezing Photos of Winter We’re Not Ready For

Cold and snow are sometimes capable of doing amazing things. They can freeze noodles in a second or make a rock look like a heart.

Sports fans are hardcore.

The small fish don’t have enough oxygen under the ice.

This is a pic of ramen noodles at −30ºF in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories.

“My Jaguar hood ornament has ice fur.”

This frozen rock looks like a heart.

A frozen waterfall in Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Canada

Deflating balloons leave a frozen husk of their former state.

Fresh snow on a frozen lake

Ice in the shape of a car bumper

Russia is a very cold country, but with warm-hearted people.

This is Siberia experiencing −70ºF.

“The other day I was cold and bored waiting for the metro to arrive when I saw these ice crystals had formed.”

“It’s so cold right now that I can’t even flush the toilet.”

When it’s so cold the ghost trying to haunt you freezes to death:

A frozen geyser

The Irtysh River in Russia froze over in an interesting pattern.

A Michigan lighthouse, before and after a winter storm

This is Siberian make-up in the winter. Enjoy!

“A spiderweb froze on my truck’s side mirror.”

The snow in this park made the photo look black and white.