14 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming

Before you head off to go swimming in the sea or the river with your friends, you should probably see this. Here are 15 dangerous things which, unless you’re careful, you could encounter in the deep.

The race for survival

The road down into the abyss

Imagine how much its sting would hurt!

Remember that film, Anaconda?

I really, really hope I never see one of these in real life

That’s not special effects. That’s real!

There’s such a thing as a water snake?!

A life-threatening encounter

This nearly made me faint!

That octopus is friendly...maybe too friendly I wasn’t expecting that!

I wasn’t expecting that!

And I hope I never see that...

That’s just algae. Still looks terrifying though!

The heaviest living thing on Earth is the blue whale. They sure are big...