Couple Buys A Dirty Truck For $4,500 – Look Inside To See The Dream House It Is Now

It’s no small investment to buy a house. It’s probably one of the biggest deals you will make in your life, especially given that house prices have risen sharply in recent years. However, there are some, apparently, who choose to take a rather unconventional approach when it comes to the housing market.

Iona Stewart and Martin Hill certainly went their own way and created their very own, unique dream house — for just $4,500!

British couple Iona Stewart and Martin Hill love to travel. They therefore wanted to find the perfect accommodation that could both accommodate them and give them the opportunity to move around whenever they wanted. So they decided to invest in a mobile home, writes Bored Panda.

They went online and found a used truck they decided to buy and convert into a house. The truck, which had been used for bread delivery, cost just $4,500.

Said and done. The truck was theirs and they decided to completely transform it.

It was of course no easy task, and I can’t even understand how they managed it all. But they were very diligent and worked day and night with the truck for a total of four months. They now have their dream house — and I can only applaud them. What an incredible transformation!

The truck offered plenty of space though and even high ceilings. The couple clearly saw the potential there…
Fridge and shelf in place. A good start…
Now check out the elegant and functional kitchen!
A few steps up and we’re in the bedroom… A perfectly good space to cook great meals, if you ask me!
A small and nice bathroom…
A sliding door is used to maximize space.

Iona and Martin are aiming to travel around Europe with their new camper. I’m sure they will have a great holiday. Please share this article on Facebook to show your friends their awesome work!