20 Amazing Pictures of Abandoned Places: Get Ready To Be Stunned

Abandoned places have always fascinated me. They seem to exist in a kind of suspended dreamworld left behind after the people who used to inhabit them left. They’re mysterious and they make me to wonder about what might have happened back when these places were full of life.

Scroll down to see 20 abandoned places that will get your imagination going, and don’t forget to share this article on Facebook so that more people can see these magical pictures!

1. Nature has taken back this house in Norway.

2. You can see thousands of stars through the open roof of this abandoned building in Spain.

3. In southern Namibia in Africa, sand has quietly taken over the rooms in this house.

4. These stairs on Oahu, Hawaii seem to lead to heaven.

5. Now, this greenhouse is truly green.

6. This abandoned bug came to the end of the road on Lagoon Beach in South Africa.

7. This Ferris wheel seems to be all that’s left of an amusement park in Ukraine.

8. This majestic Buddha is in harmony with nature and elements.

9. It’s hard to believe that a tunnel like this could be found in Paris. But somehow, the greenery has swallowed the railroad and stone walls.

10. This train still looks futuristic long after it reached its final destination.

11. No one goes dancing at this Austrian nightclub anymore.

12. This deserted French church is still a peaceful haven.

13. A deserted castle in Belgium.

14. This church was left to the plants and animals. What amazing windows!

15. This house was probably quite luxurious once upon a time.

16. The ancient city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

17. A small powerhouse nestled on a cliff in Crystal, Colorado.

18. An old well used in ceremonies in Sintra, Portugal.

19. The Yellow Brick Road at an abandoned Wizard of Oz amusement park in North Carolina.

20. It’s been a few years since any princes or princesses have lived in this Polish castle.

21. Nature has re-taken this deserted fishing village next to the Yangtze River in China.