15 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Yeah it's probably a little mean, but when the chips are down and you're going through a rough patch, there is some comfort to be found in the knowledge that someone, somewhere has it even worse than you.

Sometimes this perspective is all it takes to bring a smile back to your face! To stiffen that upper lip, lift your head up high and soldier on, instead of collapsing completely under the weight of your own self pity.

#1 Well Sh*t

#2 They Deserve It

#3 Using A Car Window As A Mirror

#4 Watched A French Swat Team And This Happened

#5 Don't Wanna Get My Shoes Wet

#6 Unlucky Parking

#7 This Perfect "Story In Three Panels" Of My Cousin

#8 It's Been Going For A Week. I Don't Think It'll Stop Anytime Soon

#9 They Look Dry Enough

#10 Booked A Window Seat On A Airplane For My Boy's First Flight

#11 Got A Sandwich Stuck In Vending Machine. Bought A Drink To Push The Sandwich. Damn

#12 Wedding Ring Drops In Lake

#13 Kid Tries To Pick Up Bottles

#14 Hail damage to sun roof

#15. Maybe a bit too much rain!